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viper121st Avatar
5 star rating

Reviews Heli Fishing B.C. Amazing guide These guys made a salmon fly fishing trip just amazing!! They go out of their way to make you feel at home and confident on the river. Their knowledge and personal attention make for a great trip. We had 16 fairly new fly fishermen and Clint and his staff made them confident and educated anglers. We will for sure be back for more fun. Thanks Clint

melissamce Avatar
5 star rating

Reviews Heli Fishing B.C. great 2 days I began communicating with Clint about 3 months before the fishing date. He was very quick to respond, and gave us plenty of info on what to expect. They had a lot of fun, and caught many fish. He is a very enthusiastic guy, making it a really fun time! Thanks for all of the info, the company and THE FISH! The pics and videos sent were much appreciated as well!

TCFD226 Avatar
5 star rating

Reviews Heli Fishing B.C. Tight Lines! Best guided fishing trip I have ever been on. Clint and Ryan are very knowledgeable when it comes to fly fishing for giant ones! Valley Fishing Guides is the way to go when it comes to safety, fishing and fun. They really focused on us having a good time and at the same time learning the fly fishing methods to land a big one! Thanks again to Clint and Ryan with Valley Fishing Guides for a trip of a lifetime. We will definitely be coming back. More

slorungirl Avatar
5 star rating

Reviews Heli Fishing B.C. A day to remember Started the day with high expectation and excitement, but the experience truly exceeded all expectations. Clint and Ryan made sure to go out of their way to teach us new techniques such as spey casting, takes a lot of patents to teach a novice a new skill when they haven't mastered the basics. The personnel touches like taking time after a long day of fishing to going over the new skills shows he is interested in the client and reinforcing the lessons learned throughout the day. After using different guide and experiencing different fly fishing trips throughout the country this... read more

Stephanie S. Avatar
Stephanie S.
5 star rating

Reviews Heli Fishing B.C. Heli Fly Fishing I had the pleasure of working with Clint and his team a few months back.

Together we hosted influencers to a strong brand moment, all thanks to team at Valley Fishing Guides.

They overcame flight path obstacles with the Helicopter, kept everyone safe on the river , and showed us a great time, CATCHING loads of fish.

Thanks Clint!

JeffBarrett Avatar
5 star rating

Reviews Heli Fishing B.C. Heli Fishing Near Squamish Last summer myself my 13 and 15 year old boys had the fishing trip of a lifetime

We went heli fishing in the Rocky Mountains.

We were all alone in a beautiful serene environment

Fly fishing for bull trout

Clint was excellent at teaching us the technique of fly fishing on the river. He worked one on one until we got it right and he is a great teacher. He clearly wanted us to have a great experience

We caught great bull trout saw a black bear and many other natural beauties

The scenery alone is worth it and it’s awesome fishing once you get the...
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Niche S. Avatar
Niche S.
5 star rating

Reviews Heli Fishing B.C. Bull Trout Did a trip up north with some friends and discovered three things near whistler; VFG, heli-fishing, and bull trout. Amazing experience. Middle of nowhere, glowing blue glacier runoff rivers, and not a sole for miles. If you want a bucket list trip and get away from it all in a hurry, this is it. If you don't know anything about bull trout, think steelhead on steroids. Amazing fighting fish.

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